Roleplaying forum where you are either evil, a police officer, a secret agent or just a normal citizen.
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 What is this about?

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Mei ~ Faith
Mei ~ Faith

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PostSubject: What is this about?   Thu Apr 08, 2010 4:41 am

On this forum, there is fantasy; people can use powers, but the only ones who can have powers are the people on the evil side and the secret agents only! Though everyone mostly tries to use as less as possible their powers, unless really needing to use it; though villains doesn't seem to care very much!

The main idea of this forum is that there are police officers that tries to stop the criminals or evil people from hurting people, stealing or from breaking the law. The police doesn't understand how people uses powers, though the secret agents are there to take care or those who can use powers. No one knows about the secret agents, unless they decide to tell people; though they aren't supposed to!

There is an ancient cave that exists somewhere on Earth, though no one knows where it is anymore. In the cave there once were magical gems. Some people found it and discovered the different powers of different gems. In the end, some people became villains and used to power to terrorize others and tried to take over villages or cities now. Others tried to stop them, also using the gems, but only for good use.

Now villains are worst than ever and battles between evil and secret agents are getting bigger and they are getting harder to stop now and even to spot! Unfortunately for Faith, all enemies are after her. They all want her power because she is unique, though they are still trying to discover how to get it. Some of the enemies are so jealous of her powers that all they want is to kill her, though she is very hard to kill and it frustrate them. *View Mei's presentation.*

It's up to you to decide if you're going to be a police officer, trying to stop villains, or maybe you are going to be a secret agent trying to stop evil (or might change sides!) or you could just be a normal citizen, or try to be normal...

Additional info:

Secret agents all haves a glove with a gem on it though the colour can difference the rank. (Lower rank, gem has less powers or weak powers). The power that the people have comes from the gems, so when they do not have the glove on, they have no powers.

Rank 1- White Gem.
Rank 2- Green Gem.
Rank 3- Blue Gem.
Rank 4- Red Gem.

All secret agents are given a "special" name as their "secret agent name", though the name has a meaning!
(Ex: Mei is Faith... or Hannya is Wisdom).
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What is this about?
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