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 Mei Hiketsu ~ Faith

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Mei ~ Faith
Mei ~ Faith

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PostSubject: Mei Hiketsu ~ Faith   Thu Apr 08, 2010 5:20 am

Name: Mei Hiketsu (secret agent name: Faith.)
Age: 20
Role: Secret Agent.
Rank: 4
Team-mate: Saiki Hannya (her secret agent name: Wisdom)

Physical description: Purple hair, hair band, green eyes, wears a black glove on the right hand with a red gem on it, wears an agent uniform, Faith has a scar on her face from one of her biggest battles, but she lies by telling people that she had that from falling down the stairs, even though it's not true; she needs to hide her identity! ...

Personality: She is very bubbly and seems happy most of the time. Whenever she stops smiling, everyone knows there's something wrong. She seems to be pretty energetic and very hyper, though when it's time to fight, she becomes more serious, depending on the situation. She is kind of clumbsy, and she doesn't seem to be good enough to be a secret agent at first impression, but when there's serious business going on, she is different; Mei has good reflexes and is strong. When not in battle, as soon as she hurts herself, even a little scratch, she whines a lot... even though in battles her wounds are bigger and she doesn't whine during that time. She loves cute things! She is afraid of lighting, though she tries not to show it. She is claustrophobic also.

Story: One of miss Hiketsu's ancestors was a secret agent, the best one in fact. People in that agency named her Faith, because she was very important for the secret agency's faith. The ancestor had something different, she was stronger than the others and had powers already from a gem she found somewhere in an ancient cave. She always ended up saving the agency, even when badly hurt. One day, she fought the biggest battle ever and at the last second, she saved all of the agency, for the cost of her life! Everyone was greatful for her sacrifice and they made a memorial in honour of her work. Her parents burned her with the gem that she had found, to incinerate her. She was known by everyone, they all knew about her gem; the enemies too.

A century passed and then Mei was born. Little that she knew, she had the power of the gem inside of her already, as if she was maybe a reincarnation of her ancestor, though no one actually knows for sure. Her parents weren't happy to learn that, because they did not wanted their daughter to do the same as her ancestor. They were being mean and hurting her a lot on purpose, but it was for her own health and safety; that they said. Years passed as she suffered so much, when all of a sudden, at the age of 15, the secret agency detected her presence and made her do tests. She did amazingly well and they hired her. Of course, miss Hiketsu was so happy, but her parents were very mad and unhappy. She kept her smile, always trying to show to her parents how much she loved the job, but her parents never approved. By the age of 18, she moved from home and lived with her team-mate in the same house, both alone now. They've become best friends, which made Mei more happy and closer to her; though they are both kinda getting closer!(get it?)

Her boss decided to promote her, so now she is at the highest rank, and she had a glove with a red gem on it, giving her powers, or in her circonstance, more power! Since she is at the highest rank, her and her team-mate are always on the lookout, they must observe everything and make sure no enemy is in sight, for the safety of eveyone. Unfortunately, Mei is known by all of the enemies, or almost, and is wanted by them because of her "extra" power that they want to steal; it makes all of the enemies always go after her instead of others, and it is getting annoying, always getting badly hurt or almost kidnapped! Oddly as it sounds, she seems immortal because of how hard it is to kill her, though she does have a big weakness, poison!

Weapons: Throwing knives.
Powers: Heal fast, magic barrier, make fire balls, more dexterity, stronger, jumps higher, has more stability, she can create a magnetic field, though it attracks lighting...

Weakness: When someone scratches the back of her neck, she become powerless and very weak.
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Mei Hiketsu ~ Faith
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